Service Level Agreement

V1.00 (Last Updated: 2023-11-13)

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) documents the agreed terms for the provision of the Services (defined below) by VaultN B.V (“VaultN”) for your Account, the maintenance of the Platform (defined below), the support services to be provided with respect to the Platform, and the agreed standards to which the said Services, maintenance, and support will be provided.

This Offer forms an integral part of the T&Cs and other documents or correspondences that you agreed to comply with while using VaultN Services (“Documentation”).

Terms not defined herein shall refer to their meanings in the Documentation. In case of discrepancy between the terms in the Documentation and this SLA, this SLA shall prevail.

You hereby accept the terms of this SLA upon your acceptance of the T&Cs.

As explained in detail in the T&Cs and the relevant interface provided on the Platform (as defined below), certain Service Level Indicators and/or Service Level Objectives hereunder may only be applicable for specific Accounts (as defined in the T&Cs). These will either be specified hereinafter or will be mentioned on the Platform.


The followings terms define their corresponding meanings herein if they commence with capital letter within the text of this SLA. Any term not defined herein shall bear the meaning they are given under the T&Cs:



Refers to the time period during which a specific functionality is available. Availability is calculated as detailed under article 4.


“Business Day”


Refers to a day on which the banks are operational, other than weekends, official holidays, and religious holidays applicable in the Netherlands.


“Business Hours”


Refers to the time period between 9:00 am an 5:00 pm CET (8:00 am to 4:00 pm UTC) during any Business Day.


“Critical Severity Defects”


Refers to severity level of the Defects that render the Platform inoperable, including but not limited to server crash and high risk of server downtime.




Refers to any malfunction of the Platform that may or may not render the Platform inoperable, however, is required to be fixed for optimum operation of the Platform




Refers to the time period during which the VaultN systems are not accessible.


“Important Severity Defects”


Refers to the severity level of Defects that do not render the Platform inoperable, has no direct adverse impacts on the provision of Services and/or access to the Platform, however, has the potential to do so if left unattended.




Refers to as a key performance indicator


“Mean Time To Failure (MTTF)”


Refers to the average lifespan of a given service in scope.
“Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)”


Refers to a basic measure of the maintainability of repairable items. It represents the average time required to resolve a Defect.
“Service Level Indicator (SLI)”


Refers to the value that enables the level of the services provided to be measured.


“Service Level Objectives (SLO)”


Refers to the non-binding objectives for service levels, for which VaultN shall use reasonable resources.
“Uptime”Refers to the time period during which the VaultN systems are accessible.
“Urgent Severity Defects”


Refers to severity level of Defects that do not render the Platform inoperable, however, has adverse impacts on the provision of Services and/or access to the Platform.


VaultN operates and maintains the online platform accessible to the Account on (“Platform”). VaultN provides the following services under this SLA (“Services”):

  • Allocations: The ability to conduct planned Transfers under certain commercial terms as set out by the Account.
  • API: The ability for the application to interact with other applications using a programming interface.
  • Authentication: The service allowing secure access management to the Platform and services.
  • Extractions: The ability to retrieve assets for their decryption in order to export them from the Platform.
  • Insertions: The ability to include assets for the encryption in order to store them in your inventory.
  • Key on Demand: The ability to automate the Insertion, Transfer, and Extraction of assets under certain commercial terms as set out by the Account or their Connections.
  • Price Lists: The service allowing the generation of sales and cost prices for different assets and Connections.
  • Promotions: The ability to discount specific asset prices during a defined time period.
  • Transfers: The ability to send one or multiple assets to Connections.
  • Webhooks: The ability for the platform to communicate with other Platforms.

The maintenance for the Platform shall be provided as per the terms stated herein.

Depending on your choice of membership and services to receive, the support services may include e-mail support and online form support. Please note that this SLA shall solely apply to your choices of support services.

Availability is calculated as follows: availability percentage = (TMM-TMD)/TMM*100%.


  • TMD = total minutes of Downtime of the VaultN Services. TMD is calculated from the moment when the applicable support request is submitted by email, contact form or phone call stating that the Services are unavailable, until the time the request is solved and then totaled for all affected Services; and
  • TMM = total minutes per three calendar months (quarter). TMM is calculated by taking the number of days within the applicable calendar month and multiplying those by 1440 (24 hours times 60 minutes) and corrected for any scheduled, routine, or extraordinary maintenance downtime or by any of the Exceptions as outlined in article 6.

The following table consists of the KPIs and other related metrics in the provision of the Services:




TypeAvailabilityIssue ResolutionMeasurement


SLO95%32 Business Hours*MTTR

*After Response Time.

Severity LevelResponse Time
Critical Severity8 Business Hours
Urgent Severity8 Business Hours
Important Severity24 Business Hours
Other48 Business Hours

The following are considered as exceptions to the undertakings above:

  • Defects caused by use of third-party software, whether authorized or not;
  • Defects caused by the hardware through which the Platform is accessed;
  • Defects caused by the operating software installed on the hardware;
  • Defects caused by incompatibility of the Platform with any hardware or software used by the Account or any User;
  • Defects caused by User default, which may be both physical and digital;
  • Defects caused by actions or inactions by the Main User, any of its Other Users, or its employees, agents, contractors, or vendors, or anyone gaining access to the Platform by means of any User’s passwords or equipment;
  • Defects caused by Force Majeure events;
  • Defects caused by third-party service providers which are beyond the control of VaultN, such as electricity and remote server outages, if any;
  • Defects caused by abuses or other behaviors that violate this SLA and other relevant agreements in force between the Parties;
  • That was caused by the Account’s use of the Service after VaultN advised the Account to modify its use of the Service if the Account did not modify its use as advised;
  • Defects caused by the Account’s enrolment to or use of beta, trial offers, early access programs, and/or demos (as determined by VaultN);
  • Any defects within environments other than the Platform, such as the staging, testing, or sandbox environments; and
  • Maintenance windows as defined in 8.a. (Maintenance and Support Services).

Please note that Exceptions provided above are causes for Downtime without any control or effect of VaultN, thus are not covered by this SLA. In case the Services become inaccessible or unavailable due to the Exceptions provided above, no undertaking with respect to Availability shall apply during when such Exceptions continues to have adverse impact on the Platform.

In case any of the Exceptions persist for a consecutive 30 (thirty) days period and no remedy can be provided during this period, this SLA shall automatically be terminated.

The SLA does not apply to any: (a) features or Services designated alpha or beta (unless otherwise set forth in the associated documentation), (b) features or Services not clearly included in this SLA.

  • Maintenance

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Platform, VaultN shall perform routine and extraordinary maintenances on the Platform or a certain part thereof.

Routine maintenances are aimed to be performed once every two weeks. This is not an obligation, but an objective.

VaultN may also hold scheduled maintenances upon necessity. Again, this is not an obligation but an objective.

Routine and scheduled maintenance dates will be posted by E-Mail to the Account or any User thereof at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to such maintenance.

VaultN may initialize extraordinary maintenance if it determines any Defects. Such maintenances and their expected duration will be notified to the Account as soon as practical.

  • Support Services

VaultN provides e-mail support, online form support, phone support and on-site support. In case any User of an Account experiences a Defect, the following communication methods should be used in order to address the issue.

Severity LevelSupport
Critical Severity

E-mailOnline Form,


Urgent SeverityE-mailOnline Form,
Important SeverityE-mail, Online Form (if required)
  • E-mail, Online Form

The support requests to be made over the e-mail shall be made to the following address: [email protected]

The support requests to be made on the online form can be accessed through

  • On-site Support

In special circumstances where remote support is not sufficient to detect and solve the Defects, VaultN may provide on-site support to the Account, provided that the costs of such on-site support is covered by the Account separately. The Account shall fully cooperate and ensure the access of the representatives authorized by VaultN to all facilities of the Account necessary to successfully complete the on-site support and remove the Defects.

VaultN shall implement all measurement and monitoring tools and procedures necessary to measure and monitor of the performance of the provision of the Services against the applicable Service Levels. To this end, VaultN agrees to notify the Account with any issue which may likely affect the optimum provision of the Services, as either on the Platform or by sending a separate notification as e-mail, with the communication method being in the sole discretion of VaultN.

VaultN does not collect or process any personal data pertaining to you, your clients, employees, agents or other persons involved in your business transaction while using the Platform other than those you provide before using the Platform, for which proper documentation will be obtained from you.

You understand that you and/or VaultN may be obligated, under the applicable law, to report or notify relevant regulatory authorities (including but not limited to Dutch Authorities such as Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens and Rijksoverheid) in case it is determined that there is an issue related to personal data protection or compliance, including but not limited to breach of data. For this purpose, you hereby grant an irrevocable power of attorney in favor of VaultN as an exclusive legal authorization so that VaultN may report or notify the relevant regulatory authorities or perform such actions that may be necessary with respect to issues related to personal data protection or compliance on your behalf.

VaultN shall be able to use this power of attorney given under this article immediately after you commence using the Platform.

The Parties agree that laws of Netherlands shall apply to this SLA and that the jurisdiction for any conflict based hereupon shall finally fall in courts and enforcement offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This SLA shall enter into force on the Effective Date and shall remain in force until the provision of Services cease based either on this SLA or the T&Cs.

This SLA conflicts in no way with the disclaimers, statements, representations, and undertakings with respect to the provision of the Services under the T&Cs and in any conflict, the provisions of this SLA shall supersede. The terms defined in the T&Cs shall also have their attributed meanings when used herein.

For any issue not regulated herein, the T&Cs shall apply.